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Fingerprint Card Services FD-258

DMAZ Corporation provides superior inkless and ink fingerprint card services for our clients, including the following:

  • Background Check and Employment Verification
  • Embassy Use / Visa Applications – Foreign
  • Gaming, Gambling and Amusement licenses- Out Of State
  • Immigration / Citizenship
  • Internal Revenue Services (IRS)
  • Out Of State Licensing and Employment
  • USPS Employment and other Employments
  • DMAZ Corporation Offers Passport Photo Service for Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) Program, Conceal Carry Permit, and Immigration/Visa Passport Service.

    To Reduce the chances of your fingerprint being rejected by the Illinois State Police (ISP) or the FBI, please click HERE to see samples of capturing legible, acceptable fingerprints.

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    Need a fingerprint fast? Our inkless Live Scan system delivers background check results with speed and accuracy. Perfect for security guards, public employees, caretakers, educators and volunteers.



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