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   IDFPR Lic#: 262.000089 & 249.000399


We provide professional live scan fingerprinting, mobile live scan fingerprinting, and fingerprint card services for individuals who need quick, accurate and cost-effective results. If you’re applying for a security position in Chicago and the surrounding counties of Will, Lake, Dupage, Kane and also Springfield, and need a fingerprint, there’s no better provider than DMAZ Corporation.

Fingerprint Candidates

    Security Officer

  • Conceal Carry Permit
  • Explosive Licenses
  • Firearm Conceal Carry Instructor
  • Firefighters
  • Live Scan Fingerprint Vendor
  • Locksmith
  • Military / National Guard Background Checks
  • Pawn Brokers
  • Private Alarm Contractor
  • Private Detective
  • Privated Security Contractor
  • Security Guards

DMAZ Corporation Offers Passport Photo Service for Security Guards and other PERC Applications.

Get Your Fingerprints Scanned Today

We take walk-ins at our Lincolnwood location, but give us a call at 224-534-7665 to confirm our operating hours. Send us a message for other questions or comments.


Need a fingerprint fast? Our inkless Live Scan system delivers background check results with speed and accuracy. Perfect for security guards, public employees, caretakers, educators and volunteers.



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